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     Staying connected has never been more important than in today's business world. Utilize social networking techniques to keep your customers engaged, and promote your product or service at the same time. They will appreciate the friendly service and attention to their needs. Here are some ways to do that.

     Moriah Design Agency, LLC is a Constant Contact Partner and you can sign up for a free trial under our account. Marketing through e-mail newsletters has never been more important for certain types of businesses. There is a minimal monthly fee and used properly, the rewards far outweigh the cost of membership. Templates are provided for different types of letters, and seasonal greetings. The program provides exactly what the name implies: Constant Contact.

Your Facebook Business Page should have the same professional look as your website. We can set up your page, create a header and signature photo, and give you virtual assistance with your blog posts. Monthly contract rates are available, with retainer discounts.

   An important business networking tool for service oriented professionals, Linked-In gives you an opportunity to showcase your education, work history, accomplishments, and your important customers. Stay connected with people you work with, find potential new customers and keep from losing touch with old ones. Find affiliates to enhance your own offerings. Blog about your services, recommend people and they will recommend you. Moriah Design Agency can help you get set up and get you started!

  Chat with your followers about current news and trends in your business, and keep them thinking about you. If you need help setting up an account, we can do it all for you and coordinate the way your business is presented to the world, no matter where you appear on the internet.

  Videos can bring any subject to life, now matter what you are advertising. A You Tube Channel allows you to upload large video files to your own personal channel, and easily share others related to your product or service. Your channel keeps the viewer focused solely on your product and eliminates the endless stream of videos that normally follow a view on You Tube's open channel.

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