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       Your logo is the most important image in all your advertising. It is your first chance to make an impression and should reflect who you are at a glance. Moriah Design Agency creates practical logos, that can be illustrated or simple. In addition, we can provide all the collateral material you need, to present your best image to the world, both in print and online. We can provide printable designs in pdf files, for your business letterhead, envelopes, business cards and any other formats where you need your logo adapted. The result is a consistent, professional image.


       Drew LaPerle is a high end custom builder specializing in woodwork. He wanted a logo that would be effective on his black vehicles. A finishing hammer and a contemporary style home were chosen to represent his work.
       Brand Talk Marketing is a web-based marketing firm that focuses on brand reputation and social networking. Clients are women entrepreneurs and new start-up businesses.


      Berlin Housing Authority needed a logo to reflects it's recognizable building style, softened by landscaping to suggest the surrounding green space, and a path to welcome the viewer.
       Great Gully Lodge was positioned for the best view of the Great Gully on Mt. Washington. This logo was developed from a signature photo, representing the atmosphere and best features of the lodge. The rendering was done in colored pencil to reflect it's rustic appearance.

       Claire Murray of Nantucket, MA, was commissioned to develop a First Ladies fragrance line to be sold as a fundraiser, at the US Botanical Gardens in Washington, DC. She chose the rose because it is our national flower. The rose in the logo, is my original watercolor, and this was applied to all the packaging we designed. A gift bag prototype of First Ladies Collection fragrance items, was presented to six of the First Ladies of the US, when they attended a gala fundraising dinner for the gardens at the White House.

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